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Dr Ron Dean, ACSDD Dental Sleep Medicine

Ron G. Dean


Senior Dental Faculty Advisory Council Member Certification Portfolio Review Committee Chair Academy Architect

Sleep Disorders Dentistry is the dental management of sleep breathing disorders with Oral Appliance Therapy (Alameda & Lowe, 2009; Epstein et al., 2009; Lazard et al., 2009; Ng et al., 2005).

Let’s unpack the definition.

What is a sleep breathing disorder? According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a sleep breathing disorder, put simply, is any type or degree of obstruction that occurs in the nasal or oral airway while you sleep. This obstruction can vary in severity, and it can be caused by increasing age, malocclusion of the teeth, conditions such as hormonal imbalances, diabetes (Aronsohn et al., 2009) swollen adenoids and/or tonsils (Rahbar, 2004), or even simple weight gain. Waking up with headaches, sore jaw and/or teeth may be signs of sleep bruxism, a condition researchers think is associated with sleep breathing disorders, as well (Lavigne, 2007).   Read more at