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Periodontics Daniel Teboul, DDS went to dental school in Paris and then continued his education in periodontics at the University of Southern California. In practice since 1998, he has published information on Gingival Recessions in the Journal of the California Society of Periodontists. In addition, he is a member of Alpha Omega.


Dental Implants, With Dr. Daniel Teboul, Mid Wilshire Dental Care, Los Angeles, California

A dental implant is a screw that has threads on the inside and outside so it's placed into the jaw bone and connects to the bone to create a missing root, says Dr. Daniel Teboul, dentist with Mid Wilshire Dental Care in Los Angeles, California.  Over that, the crown portion is placed inside the inner thread of the screw, which is made of titanium.  Titanium is bio-compatible, which is good for the bone because it doesn't see it as a foreign body.

Dr. Teboul says there are three major indications for a dental implant.  The first is for a single tooth replacement, when there is a missing tooth in between two healthy teeth.  The second is for multiple teeth replacement or even full mouth reconstruction.  Lastly, dental implants can be used to secure dentures.

The placement of an implant is non-invasive and takes 15-30 minutes, says Dr. Teboul.  Requiring only a small injection, it is a relatively painless process with full recovery after a few days.  Dr. Teboul gets an exact fit using a dental CAT scan and prefers the benefits of an implant over a bridge.  He considers dental implants the "standard of care" whenever a patient has healthy teeth.

Dr. Daniel Teboul is a dentist with Mid Wilshire Dental Care in Los Angeles, California and is a leading dental expert with Sleep Better TV, providing online, on-demand sleep breathing disorder video content.