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Dr. Audrey Yoon’s outstanding credentials combined with her naturally gifted perception of Beauty and her genuine concern for her patients makes her an exceptional orthodontist.

Dr. Yoon completed her orthodontic training at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) after she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from UCLA with honors. Upon completion of her dual orthodontics and pediatric dentistry certificates with a Master of Science degree, she was invited to join the department as a part-time faculty to train the future dentists. Dr. Yoon has received several honorary awards including an academic excellence from the Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and Section of Biomaterials.

Dr. Yoon is a board-qualified orthodontist and an Invisalign®-certified provider. Using state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Yoon is committed to excellence, and dedicated to her own personal development. She has a particular interest in orthodontic mini-implant, Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) applications in order to minimize orthognathic surgery and to maximize esthetic success.

As a mother and a wife, Dr. Yoon is a firm believer in strong family core values and carries this philosophy into her practice, giving her patients the care and attention they deserve just like a part of her family.


Orthodontic Treatment For Sleep Apnea, With Audrey Yoon, Mid Wilshire Dentistry, Los Angeles

In certain cases, orthodontic treatment can help treat sleep apnea, says Audrey Yoon, Orthodontist with Mid Wilshire Dentistry in Los Angeles, California.  For patients with very crowded teeth and a narrow jaw, the airway is too narrow and the tongue has nowhere to go, so it falls back in your throat, making it hard to breathe.  If the jaw can be widened, the oral airway volume can be increased because the tongue will naturally come forward, helping the sleep apnea.  

Audrey Yoon, Mid Wilshire DentistryFor patients with a very narrow upper jaw and have trouble breathing through their nose, when the upper jaw is expanded wider, the nose gets expanded as well creating more nasal volume.  This is an especially common treatment for children and sometimes it's used with a tonsillectomy to get the maximum resul, Yoon says.  For those with a very small lower jaw, we can push the jaw forward using oral appliances to prevent the collapse of the tongue and small tissues, so the airway stays open during treatment.  

The other treatment option for very severe cases of sleep apnea involves orthonathic surgery in combination with braces, which has proven to be the most effective surgical treatment for sleep apnea, according to Yoon.  This surgery moves the upper jaw and lower jaw to correct the jaw discrepancy.  For sleep apnea patients, the surgery focuses on expanding the airway.  After the braces are put on, patients are sent to an oral surgeon.  Along with the jaw, the tongue and soft tissue of the palate move forward as well to open the airway.  The patient's appearance can be dramatically enhanced, along with improving their jaw structurally.  

Dr. Audrey Yoon in an orthodontist with Mid Wilshire Dentistry in Los Angeles, California.  Dr. Yoon spoke withSleep Better TV, providing online, on-demand sleep breathing disorder and dental news content.  Sleep Better TV is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.



Pediatric Orthodontics, With Dr. Audrey Yoon, Mid Wilshire Dentistry, Los Angeles and West Hollywood, California

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends children getting an evaluation by an orthodontist at the age of 7 because by then, children will have their 6-year molars and at least 2 upper or lower permanent front teeth.  With these teeth in place, orthodontists can provide a very accurate diagnosis, treatment plan and timetable for future treatment, says Dr. Audrey Yoon, an orthodontist with Mid Wilshire Dentistry in Los Angeles, California.  As every child grows differently, Dr. Yoon recommends visiting an orthodontist once you notice any problems with your child's teeth.

Dr. Audrey YoonWhile an orthodontic exam is recommended at age 7, that doesn't mean braces would be recommended at that age, as 90% of the time, it will be just an exam, Dr. Yoon says.  Screenings are done at this age to look for problems such as severe skeletal-jaw discrepancy, impacted teeth and bad habits before they become more severe and if detected early enough, future jaw surgery can be prevented and the final result can be achieved better.

As a parent, if you're concerned about your child's smile, Dr. Yoon says to look for jaw alignment problems, fractured teeth, impacted teeth, permanent teeth growing into the wrong spot, thumb sucking habits, lip biting or tongue thrusting habits, cross bites and overbites, because those are all signs to bring them to an orthodontist for an evaluation.  

Normal jaw structure is when the upper jaw is slightly wider and bigger than the lower jaw so that when you bite down, the upper teeth are supposed to wrap around the lower teeth.  With a cross bite, the position of one or more teeth are reversed and it can lead to pain, discomfort, trauma and lack of confidence.  Dr. Yoon says a lot of times, the cross bite will create a bite interference so that the jaw is shifted to one side, which can lead to asymmetrical growth of the jaw, where one side of the jaw grows more than the other.  If a cross bite is left untreated, it will require more extensive treatment later on in life.  

Dr. Yoon says there are 2 common ways that braces can impact the lifestyle of a child.  If a child is active in sports, protective gear should be worn, such as a mouth guard, even if the league doesn't require them.  Secondly, some children don't find the metal braces very attractive so, if they are an appropriate candidate, Invisalign is a good option for moving teeth without fixed metal braces.  If not, ceramic braces can be another option, as well as lingual braces where the braces are hidden on the inside of your teeth. 

Dr. Audrey Yoon in an orthodontist with Mid Wilshire Dentistry in Los Angeles, California.  Dr. Yoon spoke withSleep Better TV, providing online, on-demand sleep breathing disorder and dental news content.  Sleep Better TV is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.