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Following a B.Sc. in Biology-Chemistry, Dr. McGregor graduated from Dentistry at McGill University in Montreal in 1974. She has completed extensive postdoctoral studies throughout North America with the leaders in the fields of craniofacial pain, jaw joint disorders, dentofacial orthopedics and sleep disordered breathing. You will receive a thorough examination with Dr. McGregor, who will take the time to explain her findings and refer to other health care practitioners as needed.
Dr. McGregor earned AACP Fellowship in 2007 in Fort Worth Texas (            


International Sleep Center, with Dr. Catherine McGregor of Lyndhurst, Ontario, Canada

After being exposed to the teachings of Dr. Steven Olmos of San Diego in 2004, Dr. Catherine McGregor found his protocol of diagnosis and treatment of sleep breathing disorders the most efficient.  In 2009, Dr. McGregor chose to become an international center, which means she follows the protocols of Dr. Olmos.

The international centers are based in the U.S., Canada and Australia and provide the most thorough protocol for accurate diagnosis and treatment.  This helps Dr. McGregor provide the very best treatment solutions to her patients at Lyndhurst Dental and the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre in Eastern Ontario, Canada.  

Being an international center allows Dr. McGregor to network with other partners in the center with regular conference calls to discuss cases.  "It is a good avenue of mutual support so that we are up to date and on the front line with the latest research," says Dr. McGregor, adding that everything they do is literature research-based and proven.

Dr. Catherine McGregor is a dentist with Lyndhurst Dental in Lyndhurst Ontario Canada and the TMJ and Sleep Centre of Eastern Ontario.  Dr. McGregor is also a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.



How Dr. Catherine McGregor, Dentist in Lyndhurst, Ontario Canada, Got Involved in Sleep Therapy

While studying TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders, it became apparent to Dr. Catherine McGregor that sleep was a prime component.  Dr. McGregor's dental practice, Lyndhurst Dental and the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre in Lyndhurst, Ontario Canada is very close to Kingston General Hospital, which has a major sleep lab.
After taking many sleep courses at Queens University, Dr. McGregor joined the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and attended many of their programs.  She also joined the Canadian Sleep Society and most recently became a diplomate member of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines.
In working with physicians at Kingston General Hospital and other private sleep labs, it became quite a good relationship for Dr. McGregor in that every day, people come into her practice for general check-ups and she is able to see all of the classic signs of a breathing sleep disorder.  By screening these patients and referring them for a full polysomnogram, along with some ambulatory studies of her own, she can often identify patients at high risk and get them sent out to a sleep lab.  These are often people who haven't been diagnosed before, as in the past, some of the medical community was not aware the problem existed, but currently that has improved, according to Dr. McGregor.
Typically, in a dental practice, Dr. McGregor says that because they're focusing on the head and neck, they can see so many of the signs that are present and in reviewing their medical history, they can see a lot of the possibilities for the sleep disorder.
"It became quite a valuable experience both for the health of the patient and for us being able to help them on their path to better health, by having their possible breathing sleep disorder evaluated by medical people and often return to us for an oral sleep appliance," says Dr. McGregor.
Dr. Catherine McGregor is a dentist with Lyndhurst Dental in Lyndhurst Ontario Canada and the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Eastern Ontario.  Dr. McGregor is also a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.

First Visit at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Eastern Ontario, Canada with Dr. Catherine McGregor

During the first visit, Dr. Catherine McGregor and her staff at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Eastern Ontario Canada, do a full evaluation, as TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and sleep disorders are so intertwined. 

Dr. McGregor will do a detailed interview where she will discuss the concerns of the patient and then take them through a series of tests to help her objectively identify what is going on.  Some of these tests include seeing if there's a collapsible airway wall, joint vibration analysis, which is a biometric evaluation of the jaw joint and function and a radiographic interpretation with some tomograms.  It is through that process, along with other clinical evaluations, that Dr. McGregor can usually narrow down the diagnosis for the patient.  "We try to be very objective and not miss any points and look at the whole picture," Dr. McGregor says.

After Dr. McGregor spends quite a bit of time listening to the patient, evaluating their concerns and going through objective testing, she can then provide the patient with a diagnosis and explanation of the recommended treatment, how long it might take, the cost involved and answer any questions the patient may have.

In Canada, a lot of patients have dental insurance and extended medical insurance through their private insurance.  Some of the procedures involved in the diagnosis and treatment of TM disorders may be covered by dental insurance and Dr. McGregor's staff works very hard with the patient to get any possible reimbursement.

The cost associated with sleep disorders and appliances is most commonly covered by extended medical care of the patient's private insurance, says Dr. McGregor.  If a person has severe sleep apnea and they've been recommended for a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device, there is a program in Ontario called Assistive Devices, where patients receive up to 75% of the funding for the device.  However, there is no program available for patients in need of an oral sleep appliance, Dr. McGregor notes.

Dr. Catherine McGregor is a dentist with Lyndhurst Dental in Lyndhurst Ontario Canada and the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Eastern Ontario.  Dr. McGregor is also a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.


TMJ & Sleep Breathing Disorders, Featuring Dr. Catherine McGregor of Lyndhurst, Ontario Canada

Dr. Catherine McGregor, of Lyndhurst Dental in Lyndhurst, Ontario Canada  has been practicing dentistry for 38 years after receiving her dental training at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  After studying TMJ and sleep breathing for the last 10 years, she began to see a connection between what was going on in the jaw joint and what was going on with their teeth.

Dr. McGregor says she had started to look at the "why" of things and 9 times out of 10 it pointed to what was happening functionally when someone opened and closed their jaw and what was happening while they were sleeping.  Dr. McGregor had decided to focus on, almost exclusively, TMJ and sleep therapy at the TMJ Sleep Therapy Centre of Eastern Ontario. Source:

During sleep, says Dr. McGregor, many different bodily functions happen, including the connection that is shut down between what our brain and what our jaw does.  During the day, Dr. McGregor explains, that connection between brain and teeth is awake.  If you're clenching your jaw at a force of 5 during the day, because that connection is broken at night, you're clenching at a force of 500 because there is no protective mechanism involved.  If someone is experiencing this in their sleep, Dr. McGregor sees the results during the daytime in their dentition.

Dr. McGregor looks at why this is happening during sleep and a lot of the time, it's the sleep-breathing connection.  "If someone is having difficulty breathing during sleep, they're subconsciously making an effort to open their airway with different jaw movements, which results in teeth making contact in a way that they shouldn't," notes McGregor.

Dr. Catherine McGregor is a dentist with Lyndhurst Dental in Lyndhurst Ontario Canada and the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Eastern Ontario.  Dr. McGregor is also a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.

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