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Importance of a Proper Fitting Oral Appliance When Treating Sleep Apnea, With Dr. Dan Winter of Manhattan, Kansas

Dr. Dan Winter spends a lot of time doing research and training to provide the very best for his patients at the Downtown Dental Group and Center for Dental Sleep Medicine in Manhattan, Kansas.  Included in this is the proper selection of oral sleep appliances for his patients, as Dr. Winter says that not all appliances are created equal.  With over 100 oral sleep appliances available to dentists, which appliance he chooses is very important in what he does.

Depending on each patient's symptoms and condition, Dr. Winter will select an appliance that fits them, as there is not one universal appliance that's best suited for all.  Over the counter appliances are available but Dr. Winter cautions people about "getting what they pay for," and that "the use of over the counter appliances without a proper diagnosis can be dangerous."

The knowledge and expertise of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), its mechanics and the way it works, is critical to the proper selection of an oral sleep appliance, says Dr. Winter.  Again, he cautions against the use of an appliance without a proper exam and work up to evaluate a patient.  Dr. Winter says you can use an over the counter appliance to treat snoring but not obstructive sleep apnea, so a patient may get rid of the snoring but still have obstructive sleep apnea and not know it and that is a potentially "grave condition," says Dr. Winter.

"We increase the opportunity for success for our patients by selecting the correct appliance for the best outcome," Dr. Winter says.

The Downtown Dental Group and Center for Dental Sleep Medicine is in Manhattan, Salina and Topeka Kansas. Dr. Winter is also a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.  


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