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Sleep Disorder Breathing As a Huge Health Issue, with Dr. Dan Winter of Manhattan, Kansas

Research has shown that there are huge health ramifications with a disturbed sleep cycle, according to Dr. Dan Winter of the Downtown Dental Group and Center for Dental Sleep Medicine, in Manhattan, Kansas.  He says that about 24% of middle-aged men and about 9% of middle-aged women will be affected by sleep disorder breathing.

With about 25% of Americans at risk for sleep disorder breathing, one of the major factors of sleep disorder breathing is an increase in BMI and increased weight.  75% of sleep disorder breathing patients have a higher incidence of hypertension, men especially have an increased risk of stroke and about 11% of post-menopausal women suffer from sleep disorder breathing.  "This is a large health issue that deserves the attention it gets," says Dr. Winter.

Sleep disorder breathing doesn't only affect adults, as about 25% of children with ADHD are suffering from a sleep issue and don't need to be on ADHD medications.  "The spectrum is community-wide from children to mature adults and it all needs to be evaluated to see how it affects their health overall," says Dr. Winter.

The Downtown Dental Group and Center for Dental Sleep Medicine is in Manhattan, Salina and Topeka Kansas. Dr. Winter is also a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.  


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