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Types of Sleep Disorder Breathing, Featuring Dr. Daniel Winter of Topeka and Salina, Kansas

There are three types of sleep disorder breathing, according to Dr. Daniel Winter, of the Downtown Dental Group and Center for Dental Sleep Medicine in Manhattan, Topeka and Salina, Kansas.  There is snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome and osbstructive sleep apnea. 

Sleep apnea, by definition, is when a person stops breathing for a minimum of ten seconds at a time.  When this happens over and over again all night long, your body is deprived of oxygen and this can result in a lot of extreme health consequences, says Dr. Winter.

A patient can have obstructions behind the tongue, soft palate or both.  Dr. Winter finds that if he only treats the obstructions behind the tongue, he has a lower success rate, so ENT's will be called upon for further help.

Dr. Winter says there are health consequences from sleep disorder breathing that fall into 2 areas, one of which is not getting a restful night's sleep.  As our bodies go cycle through many different stages of sleep at night, stages 3-4 and REM sleep are when our bodies rejuvenate.  If there is an obstruction, it will stop the sequence into deeper levels of sleep.  This results in daytime tiredness, morning headaches and morning "fog."

The other health consequence from sleep disorder breathing is snoring and a higher incidence of co-morbidity factors, such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, gastro-reflux disease, to name a few, Winter says.

The Downtown Dental Group and Center for Dental Sleep Medicine is in Manhattan, Salina and Topeka Kansas. Dr. Winter is also a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.  

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