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Root Canals, With Dr. Darren Smolkin, Endodontist at Mid Wilshire Dental Care, Los Angeles, California

A root canal is a dental procedure where the nerve is removed from the tooth.  This occurs when the nerve is affected and there's pain or an infection, says Dr. Darren Smolkin, endodontist with Mid Wilshire Dental Care in Los Angeles, California.

One of the most common causes needing a root canal, according to Dr. Smolkin, is a deep cavity that goes into the nerve.  Also, patients can have trauma or excessive crowns or fillings, in which the nerve has died off after experiencing so much trauma.

The root canal procedure requires a local anesthetic and Dr. Smolkin says that patients shouldn't experience any pain during the procedure.  For 2-3 days following the procedure, some mild soreness is typical for a patient to experience that can easily be treated with ibuprofen. 

If there is trauma to a tooth, such as a chipped tooth, the tooth can turn black, which is caused by the nerve dying, disintegrating the blood supply to the tooth, causing the discoloration.  Dr. Smolkin recommends going to a dental practitioner as soon as possible following trauma to get a root canal to clean the dead tissue so the tooth can return to its natural color.  If that doesn't happen, Dr. Smolkin will put a crown or veneer on the tooth.

Dr. Darren Smolkin is an endodontist with Mid Wilshire Dental Care in Los Angeles, California and is a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV, providing online, on-demand, sleep disorder breathing video content.



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Today's world it can be see that very slowly-slowly more peoples come to dentist's clinic and dentist started their treatment,,if their have any problem then very quickly dentist's find it's solution. It's too remarkable. thanks for sharing.

July 13, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterDr. Ahmad

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