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Osteopathic Model of Medicine, With Dr. David Rawson, TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, London, Ontario

The osteopathic model of medicine understands that each one of the skull bones, while looking fused, actually do move when we breathe and more three-dimensionally with every breath, similar to a rib cage.  Dr. David Rawson, dentist with the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre in London, Ontario, Canada practices dentistry under this model of medicine.

Dr. Rawson says that this whole piece of the puzzle is not understood on the medical side, so at his dental practice, he actually employs craniosacral therapists and osteopathic professionals who can "take the jigsaw puzzle of bones and put them back in place."  This allows the whole physiology of our body to be returned to a normal state, without surgery, drugs or being told that a reason cannot be found for a person's headaches.

Dr. Rawson thinks dentistry needs to raise the importance of our healthcare citizens to have a greater understanding at the educational level.  Additionally, he thinks it's important that dentists interface better with physicians to have a mutual respect.

What you do in the mouth affects the whole body and "that's my passion and focus and what I try and do for my patients everyday," Dr. Rawson says.

Dr. David Rawson's practice, the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre, is in London, Ontario and he is a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.

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