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Dr. David E. Rawson is a 1974 graduate of Dentistry from The University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. He spent his first five years as a Dental Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces serving in Halifax N.S. and Kingston Ontario.

He opened a General Practice in London, Ontario in 1979 and has maintained a keen interest in the dynamics of the growing face and dentition. He uses orthodontics to treat unfavourable conditions early in children.

Since 1998, Dr. Rawson has traveled extensively over North America studying with the leaders in Chronic head and neck pain, Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), Orthodontics and Sleep disordered breathing which includes snoring and sleep apnea.

In 2003 Dr. Rawson opened the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of London, Ontario which is solely dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions. He incorporates an holistic approach to treating patients and uses a multi disciplinary team to enhance the treatments started in his centre. Approaches included are Cranial Sacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Nutritional analysis and referral to the appropriate medical facility where indicated..

Dr. Rawson and his well trained and dedicated staff see patients, young and old, daily who suffer needlessly from headaches and sleep disorders which can now be treated effectively using modern technology and new treatment concepts.

Dr. Rawson is Board Certified as Diplomate with the America Board of Craniofacial Pain, is an adjunct clinical professor at the School of Dentistry at Western; is the founder and President of S.M.I.L.E., an Orthopedic Study Club for colleagues in SW Ontario and keeps active in a number of organizations in his profession.


Children and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, With Dr. David Rawson, London, Ontario, Canada

In Canada, it is very hard to treat a child's tonsils and adenoids due to their socialized medical system, which is all based on the family doctor being the gatekeeper of the system.  Dr. David Rawson, dentist with the TMJ Sleep Therapy Centre in London, Ontario, says that the first problem is with dentists in trying to refer dental patients to the medical side, as they need to work through the family doctor. 

For parents, Dr. Rawson recommends they step back and watch what is doing on regarding what their children are eating, what kind of environment they're in and to look at their breathing, to "start taking command of the healthcare system" themselves.  Unfortunately, in his area of Ontario, if one is lucky enough to have a doctor and can wait long enough to see a specialist, quite often the answer is going to be medication and that doesn't work for most people, Dr. Rawson says.  He adds that there's a huge push in his area for a more holistic approach.

The difference between adults and children who don't get enough quality sleep is that children become more anxious and more hyperactive, which is the opposite of how it affects adults, says Dr. Rawson.  These children, he says, often get mislabeled as having ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, because they can't sit still and pay attention, when in fact, they're just starved of oxygen from a poor night's sleep.

Dr. Rawson says that parents can learn a lot about their child's sleep by watching and listening to them while they sleep.  He says to look and listen for choking, gasping and snoring and to see if they look relaxed or are struggling while sleeping.  If that's the case for the couple of times a parent saw it, it probably happens almost every night.

Dr. David Rawson's practice, the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre, is in London, Ontario and he is a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.


Sleep Cycles, with Dr. David Rawson of the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre in London, Ontario, Canada

Sleep is a complex, physiological process that involves a sleep architecture of 90-100 minutes, where we go through 4-5 continuous cycles of light sleep, medium sleep, deep sleep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, says Dr. David Rawson, dentist in London, Ontario Canada, with the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre.  

Dr. Rawson says it's in deep and REM sleep where a lot of important physiological functions take place, such as memory consolidation, tissue repair and hormonal changes - all things our bodies need to be fit the next day.  If we don't know about the quality of the sleep of our patients and they don't know to tell us about it, they may be fluttering in very light sleep for a good part of the night and not understand why they feel tired all of the time.  "It's quality over quantity we're looking for when diagnosing and managing our patients," says Dr. Rawson.

Patients with sleep apnea are struggling to get to deep sleep, notes Dr. Rawson and that they might be in stages 1-2 for most of the night.  Dr. Rawson says that this is measured through a laboratory sleep study, not a home-based test.

Dr. David Rawson's practice, the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre, is in London, Ontario and he is a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.


Sleep Studies, With Dr. David Rawson of the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of London, Ontario, Canada

Sleep studies historically were only diagnosed with a PSG, or polysomnograph, where a patient would go to a private facility and have an extensive exam while sleeping, under the supervision of a technician.  Dr. David Rawson, a dentist in London, Ontario, Canada, says that these tests can be difficult to get in his area as there is often a long waiting list.

At his TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, Dr. Rawson has sleep study units that can be sent home with a patient and used in the comfort of their own home.  These home sleep study units can collect a similar amount of data though not as much and he cannot diagnose from it, however he uses it for a screening tool for new patients.  Most especially, Dr. Rawson uses them for titration of existing patients to test the effectiveness of their appliances.

Dr. Rawson advises against purchasing any oral sleep appliance over the counter, as anything a patient puts in their mouth for the nighttime can adversely affect their airway.  At the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, Dr. Rawson's responsibility is to make sure his patients receive a good baseline study and be able to measure them from that.  Throughout the course of treatment, adjustments may need to be made to a patient's oral appliance and this is recognized through proper follow-up and monitoring.

Dr. David Rawson's practice, the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre, is in London, Ontario and he is a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.


Negative Effects for Children with Sleep Disorders, With Dr. David Rawson, Dentist in London, Ontario, Canada

Dr. David Rawson sees a lot of children with grossly enlarged tonsils at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, his dental practice in London, Ontario, Canada.  He believes there is a largely unsupervised program regarding tonsils and adenoids, at least in Canada and possibly the rest of North America.  Having enlarged tonsils, he says, makes it very difficult to breathe during the day and it is worse during sleep.

These children wake up tired, can't volunteer in sports, don't do well in school and are pushed to the sidelines and sadly, that's the norm, says Dr. Rawson.  Parents tell him that by just having their child's tonsils and adenoids removed, their child is like a new person, their attitude is changed, they have more energy and can enjoy sports.

Dr. Rawson thinks about 25-30% of children have a sleep disorder and that's just from talking with parents and with the children he sees.  He adds that we're slipping down that slope of increased obesity, lack of exercise and more and more labelling of kids and sadly, as a society, it's just accepted.  We fix it and the problem is gone and the parents say, "oh my goodness, how come I didn't know that?"

Dr. David Rawson's practice, the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre, is in London, Ontario and he is a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.



Sleep Apnea With No Snoring, With Dr. David Rawson, dentist in London, Ontario, Canada

Snoring, gasping and choking are the only things a sleep apnea patient or their bed partner can hear and they think that when those noises go away or are reduced significantly, they think their problem has gone away, says Dr. David Rawson, dentist in London, Ontario, Canada.  In fact, however, he says that it's just the reverse.

Most bed partners will mistake a successfully treated snorer for successfully treated sleep apnea when there is no longer any sound at night but Dr. Rawson says that this person may be worse off.  Dr. Rawson has available technologies through his office at the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre in London, Ontario, Canada to test and measure things objectively.

Dr. David Rawson's practice, the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre, is in London, Ontario and he is a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV.