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No-Prep Veneers, With Dr. Gary Radz, Denver, Colorado

Minimal prep or no-prep veneers are very exciting for Denver, Colorado dentist, Dr. Gary Radz because for those just wanting to change the appearance of their teeth, it is not an aggressive technique.  Dr. Radz's objective is to always leave as much tooth structure as possible and to add on with porcelain to enhance the smile. 

Dr. Gary Radz, Denver, ColoradoIn using the very thin porcelain veneers, Dr. Radz doesn't have to "drill away" the teeth and for an ideal patient, he would look to do no-prep veneers.  Sometimes, however, the position of the teeth doesn't allow for this technique and in those cases, he may have to alter a tooth or two to make room for the porcelain that's placed on top of the teeth.  By minimizing the amount of the tooth he needs to take away, it adds to the longevity of the veneers, it's healthier for the teeth and the very thin veneers look very natural.  

When a patient comes in and it's determined after the consultation that they will be receiving porcelain veneers, a complete exam is performed to check the health of all of the teeth, gums and joints.  This will ensure the patient is a good candidate for veneers.  At the same appointment, molds that are taken of the teeth will be sent to the lab, so they can make a wax up to make the patient see what their mouth will look like when the veneers are placed.  When Dr. Radz gets the wax up back, he uses that opportunity to communicate back to the patient and make alterations as necessary.  

Once the design has been agreed upon, a two appointment process will start where the minor alerations will be made on the front part of the teeth to make room for the porcelain that will go on top, after which temporary veneers will be made so the patient can get a really good idea what their smile will look like when it's done.  

At the final appointment, the temporaries come off and the veneers are tried on, without cementing them into place until the patient is happy with the result.  The patient can still make changes at this point, which Dr. Radz feels is important because he wants to achieve the patient's personal goal.  After the veneers have been approved, they get cemented into place and the patient has a new smile they've been looking for.  

Dr. Radz follows up with the patient a week or so later to make sure his work "is as perfect as he can get it."  He will also make sure the bite is good, it's comfortable and that the patient is able to floss.  Instructions will also be given to the patient as to how to care for the veneers so they last as long as possible.  

Dr. Gary Radz is a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV, a featured network of Sequence Media Group.  Dr. Radz practices dentistry in Denver, Colorado at Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado.  Sleep Better TV provides online, on-demand, sleep breathing disorder video content.  

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