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Cosmetic Orthodontics, With Dr. Gary Radz, Denver, Colorado

Cosmetic orthodontics is cosmetic dentistry limited to the teeth in the smile, according to Dr. Gary Radz, a dentist in Denver, Colorado.  Conventional orthodontics is concerned more about the alignment of the teeth and the bite.  Most adults are not interested in doing two years of orthodontics to correct a bite when they already feel comfortable and what they're looking for is to have their teeth straight.  With cosmetic orthodontics, Dr. Radz focuses on getting the teeth aligned to get the appearance the patient is looking for.  

Dr. Gary Radz, Denver, ColoradoThe benefit of doing this orthodontically, explains Dr. Radz, is that the teeth that are rotated or out of alignment can be put back into alignment without having to do something more drastic, like porcelain veneers or crowns.  As such, the tooth structure isn't altered, which is always in the best interest of the patient.  By concentrating on the front six or eight teeth, many times Dr. Radz can get the patient what they're looking for.

When doing limited orthodontics for cosmetic reasons, Dr. Radz says there are a couple of different options, the most popular of which is Invisalign.  Invisalign, which Dr. Radz provides, is a clear tray that can push, pull and rotate teeth to line them back up.  For adults, Invisalign is very popular because it is virtually invisible, making them socially more comfortable. 

Six month smile is another option for adults, which is a variation of conventional orthodontics in that wires and brackets are used but the brackets are clear and the wire is white and the treatment time is six months or less.  Because of the short treatment time, Dr. Radz says a lot of adults are interested in this type of treatment.  As opposed to Invisalign, the wires and brackets with braces allows for greater force on the teeth, for faster results and as a result, Invisalign can take 9-12 months to accomplish the same goal.  

For patients that have just one or two teeth that are just slightly out of line, Dr. Radz offers a removable appliance, similar to a retainer, called an Inmen Aligner.  This treatment plan usually only takes 6-8 weeks and isn't an expensive procedure.  

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