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Certified Center for Dental Medicine in Full time dental sleep medicine, management of sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy.

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Dental Sleep Medicine and the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines with Jennifer Krahe and Dr. J.C. Goodwin

Jennifer Krahe, founder and owner of S3, Sleep Science Simplified, a company that works with dentists and physicians as they collaborate in the identification and treatment of sleep breathing disorders, speaks with Dr. J.C. Goodwin in Prescott, Arizona about sleep apnea and how dentists can play a role in treating the breathing disorder.

Dr. Goodwin says that the most common symptom of sleep apnea is excessive daytime fatigue and it is often the thing that drives them into the doctor's office for evaluation.  Heavy snoring is also another common symptom of sleep apnea, and although snoring doesn't mean sleep apnea and vice versa, the two are heavily correlated.  Most people with sleep breathing disorders make a lot of noise while they sleep and the snoring can be followed by a gasping or choking sound.  The bed partner may notice breathing stop completely.  

Children can also be affected by a sleep breathing disorder and may snore heavily and grind their teeth.  Dr. Goodwin says that parents may not even notice the snoring.  In heavier children, there is more daytime fatigue and lethargy and in smaller skinnier children, behavior disorders, such as ADHD may exist.

Jennifer Krahe says that 35% of people over the age of 15 may suffer from a breathing disorder.  Dr. Goodwin says that sleep apnea has been associated with a dramatic increased risk of premature heart attacks and stroke and also decreased life expectancy by as many as 10 years.  Other health-associated risks include increased blood pressure, having a hard time controlling blood sugar, higher rates of depression, chronic fatigue issues and chronic pain.  Children with sleep apnea may suffer from growth and development problems, hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, some of which is reversable when sleep apnea is properly managed, Dr. Goodwin adds.  Children with sleep apnea often have enlarged tonsils and adenoids which obstruct the airway, which can be treated by an ENT.

Dr. Goodwin says that sleep apnea is often covered by medical, not dental insurance and sometimes Medicare.  Because of the life-threatening nature of sleep apnea and because each person is unique, there is "no one-size fits all solution to this problem," Dr. Goodwin says.  He adds that if you're working with a dentist, who can make a custom-fit oral appliance, there can be proper follow up, including testing to be sure the oral sleep appliance is effective for a better chance of success.

The ACSDD (Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines), of which Dr. Goodwin is a member, supports physicians, dentists and healthcare professionals that are involved in sleep apnea management.  Dr. Goodwin says that a dentist who is a member of the ACSDD has made a commitment to this branch of this profession.  When they're diplomate credentialed, he adds, they've had a significant amount of experience and have been very well-trained.

Dr. Goodwin says that when looking for a dentist who treats sleep apnea to look for dental sleep academies, like the ACSDD, where you can find a membership directory leading you to a dentist in your area.

Dr. Goodwin is a dentist in Prescott, Arizona and more information about his practice can be found at .  Dr. Goodwin is also a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV and a member of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines.

Jennifer Krahe is the Founder and Owner of S3, Sleep Science Simplified, in Carefree, Arizona and also a research consultant for the ACSDD.


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