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"Catch Up" Dentistry and Second Opinions, Dentist Dr. Kevin Cebrynski, Scottsdale, Arizona


People who go to see dentists never start with prosthodontists, but they may end up there. In this report Dr. Kevin B. Cebrynski discusses the patients who come to him and what his practice entails, including second opinions.


Dr. Cebrynski says that, most of the time, the patients who come to see him have gone past the stage when simple rehabilitative measures are possible for them. Extensive work, up to dental prostheses, may be required. Many of the major repairs required could have been avoided had the patients come to see him years earlier.

Dr. Cebrynski notes that “It’s far too often that we see second opinions.” The patient may have work that was just completed but about which the patient is dissatisfied. Sometimes, patients have been looking for answers and not getting the help they are looking for, so they seek out a specialist. Those are the times when, Dr. Cebrynski says, he is able to guide them down a path that will hold them in good stead during the years ahead. Sometimes, a patient has work that has recently been completed, but incorrectly, so that the work must be redone.

Prevention is something that patients can do for themselves to make their dental problems less serious in later years. Patients should have routine visits to see the dental hygienist at a dentist’s office. The checkups can look for periodontal disease and oral cancer, among other things. Checkups two to four times yearly can help prevent long-term issues. Sometimes, patients will have a long course of medical treatment or cancer treatment that will keep them away from the dentist’s office for a long period. These patients often return with a lot of problems that require treatment.

If patients will see their dentists, follow good dental habits, wear occlusal devices when necessary, and deal with periodontal disease properly, many problems in later life can be avoided.

Dr. Kevin B. Cebrynski, who practices at Cebrynski Rehabilitative Dentistry, Scottsdale, Arizona, is a University residency trained prosthodontist. He completed his training at the University of Tennessee and the Medical College of Georgia. Prosthodontists are one of the eight recognized specialties by the American Dental Association whose focus is on the restoration and replacement of teeth. Dr. Cebrynski has been practicing both fixed and removable prosthodontics in Scottsdale for more than 19 years and has performed thousands of procedures to improve smiles. He continues his education and training on an ongoing basis. Sleep Better TV is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.



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    Anticipation is something that patients can accomplish for themselves to make their dental issues less genuine in later years. Patients ought to have routine visits to see the dental hygienist at a dental specialist's office.
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    Now and then, patients will have a long course of medicinal treatment or tumor treatment that will keep them far from the dental specialist's office for a long stretch. These patients frequently come back with a ton of issues that require treatment.

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