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Profiles of Prosthodontic Patients, Dentist Dr. Kevin Cebrynski, Scottsdale, Arizona

Dentists see patients of all ages, but in a dental specialty like prosthodontics, a dentist might see some kinds of patients more than others. In this report. Dr. Kevin B. Cebrynski talks about the kinds of patients most like to visit a prosthodontist.

Dr. Cebryinski says that the majority of his patients are age forty and older. People who reach the age of forty are reaching the time in their lives when they will need prosthodontics—a crown, a bridge, or an implant. The group of patients age fifty and older are likely to be taking medications that will help extend their lifespans. However, a side effect of some of these medications is to dry up saliva in the mouth, and these drier mouths are targets for tooth decay. Cardiac medications are probably the number one cause for the drying up. Pain medications can also have a drying effect.

Decay is the most frequent cause of problems that bring patients to Dr. Cebrynski. The next culprit is lost teeth. Many patients have lost a tooth or more over the years. Some patients will be in a situation such that some remaining teeth will have to be removed and an advanced dental solution will be required. Another significant group is people who have worn their teeth down over the years. In addition to normal wear and tear, people in the Phoenix area have a dusty environment that contributes to the wear. Many of these people will need crowns on their teeth.

The short characterization of Dr. Cebrynski’s practice, he says, is to reconstruct the mouths of his patients to try to get them back to what nature gave them years ago.

Dr. Kevin B. Cebrynski, who practices at Cebrynski Rehabilitative Dentistry, Scottsdale, Arizona, is a University residency trained prosthodontist. He completed his training at the University of Tennessee and the Medical College of Georgia. Prosthodontists are one of the eight recognized specialties by the American Dental Association whose focus is on the restoration and replacement of teeth. Dr. Cebrynski has been practicing both fixed and removable prosthodontics in Scottsdale for more than 19 years and has performed thousands of procedures to improve smiles. He continues his education and training on an ongoing basis. Sleep Better TV is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.


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