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Senior Smiles, Dentist Dr. Kevin Cebrynski, Scottsdale, Arizona


Senior Smiles is an educational effort of the American Dental Association. Dr. Kevin B. Cebrynski discusses the Senior Smiles program in this report.


Senior Smiles, Dr. Cebrynski explains, is an advertising campaign developed several years ago to focus on the older population. This is the part of the population that needs the majority of prosthodontic care. Older people are most likely to have worn down their teeth over the years, or to have missing or broken teeth. Sometimes, they will have incomplete dentures.

Dr. Cebrynski points out that properly functioning teeth are important to everyone in order for them to chew their food properly. This helps someone get proper nutrition, have good digestion, and create body energy. Patients who are not able to chew their food properly will experience deterioration in their general health.

Dr. Cebrynski emphasizes that good dental health is connected to a person’s overall health. And there are issues beyond just the ability to chew properly. For example, a broken tooth can be the site of a dental infection. A person may have such an infection and be unaware of it. Infections like this can create issues with heart valves. Fixing the tooth fixes the infection.

Dr. Kevin B. Cebrynski, who practices at Cebrynski Rehabilitative Dentistry, Scottsdale, Arizona, is a University residency trained prosthodontist. He completed his training at the University of Tennessee and the Medical College of Georgia. Prosthodontists are one of the eight recognized specialties by the American Dental Association whose focus is on the restoration and replacement of teeth. Dr. Cebrynski has been practicing both fixed and removable prosthodontics in Scottsdale for more than 19 years and has performed thousands of procedures to improve smiles. He continues his education and training on an ongoing basis. Sleep Better TV is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.

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