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How Dentists Treat Headaches, With Dr. Mark Levy, Columbus, Ohio

Unfortunately, headaches are rarely considered a dental problem, as doctors will rarely think of a dental source as the problem when in reality, up to 85% of the time it is.  Often, what people perceive as migraines are bite-related.

Patients usually come to see Dr. Mark Levy, dentist in Columbus, Ohio, after they've been to a neurologist and after they've exhausted all other options and are not getting any relief.  Most neurologists treat the symptoms with medication and more often than not, it's a bite problem, says Dr. Levy.

After receiving muscle testing and observing EMG's, or muscle activity, Dr. Levy will make a removable orthotic for the patient to wear pretty much all day and certainly at night.  A large percentage will end up only wearing the orthotic at night and some can even wean themselves off enough to wear it only when they feel a headache coming on.

Dr. Levy says that another treatment option is available for patients with worn-down teeth.  When he fixes the teeth, he does so at the position he's determined that will eliminate the headaches.  Additionally, orthodontic treatment may be available for some, as long as the position of the teeth is pre-determined.

Dr. Mark Levy is a dentist in Columbus, Ohio and is a sleep expert with Sleep Better TV, providing online, on-demand sleep disorder breathing video content.

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