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Cosmetic Dentistry and Prepless Veneers, with Dr. Mark Levy, Dentist in Columbus, Ohio

A few years back, Dr. Mark Levy starting using prepless veneers on his patients seeking out cosmetic dentistry.  Practicing in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Levy prefers the prepless veneers over Lumineers, as they're not as thick and look more natural.

Prepless veneers are very thin, require no drilling and are quick and easy to put on.  In fact, it was a life changing event for his son after Dr. Levy put prepless veneers on him.  Dr. Levy believes that good prepless veneers have about 3 colors per tooth, to look like natural teeth.  However, this cosmetic option is not for everyone, as he says the bite has to be just right and the teeth have to be in proper position.

The cost of prepless veneers is less than conventional veneers and a lot of the cost comes from the lab, as they do the bulk of the work over the dentist.

Dr. Mark Levy is a dentist in Columbus, Ohio and is a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV, providing online, on-demand sleep disorder breathing video content.

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