Dr. Mehrdad Razavi, Larkspur, California

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My name is Dr. Mehrdad Razavi, and I am a behavioral neurologist and Medical Director of the Marin Memory and Sleep Center in Larkspur, CA. I am triple board certified in Neurology, Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry, and Sleep Medicine. I have over 25 years of medical experience, including 15 years in Neurology. Currently, I am the President of the International Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation (SCR).

After finishing my medical training, I was on faculty of the Department of Neurology of both the University of Iowa and Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, before moving to private practice in Iowa. There I established the largest Memory Disorder Program (with 800 dementia patients), focusing on early diagnosis as well as both pharmacological and non-pharmacological intervention, i.e. cognitive rehabilitation.

I enjoy being able to provide care to patients with a full range of memory and sleep disorders and helping people improve the quality of their lives. Below are highlights of my training and experience. You can also view my complete professional history, including certifications, publications, and teaching experience.

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