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Sleep Apnea, With Dr. Mitch Conditt, Dentist, Fort Worth, Texas

Obstructive sleep apnea is an obstruction in the upper airway, often characterized by repetitive interruptions in the breathing cycle during sleep despite the effort to breath, says Dr. Mitch Conditt, a dentist in Fort Worth, Texas, who treats patients with sleep breathing disorders.  It also is usually associated with a reduction in blood oxygen saturation.  

Dr. Mitch CondittSleep apnea is based on medical history, family history, a physical exam and the results of a sleep study test.  Because dentists look at the upper airway, are often the first ones to evaluate the signs and symptoms to determine whether the patient needs to see a sleep specialist.  

Dr. Mitch Conditt is a dentist in Fort Worth, Texas and a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV, providing online, on-demand, sleep breathing disorder video content.  Sleep Better TV is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.


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