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Second Hand Snoring, With Dr. Rich Gillespie, Vancouver, Washington

Second hand snoring is a term used when referring to people whose bed partners snore.  The noise from the snoring keeps the bed partner awake so that their sleep becomes fragmented.  These bed partners suffer from similar symptoms as those who actually have sleep apnea, says Dr. Rich Gillespie, a dentist in Vancouver, Washington with Gillespie Dentistry.  

Dr. Rich GillespieThese partners experience fatigue, irritability, headaches in the morning, depression and then they begin to suffer some health risks, such as high blood pressure.  Dr. Gillespie notes that if a person snores, they are on the same continuum and are developing sleep apnea.  

Dr. Rich Gillespie is a dentist and leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV, a featured network of Sequence Media Group.  Sleep Better TV provides online, on-demand, sleep breathing disorder video content.  For more information on Dr. Gillespie, click here.

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