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Orthodontic Technology, With Dr. Will Saavedra, E & S Orthodontics, Tolleson, Peoria, Chandler, Arizona

Dr. Will Saavedra, orthodontist in Tolleson, Peoria and Chandler, Arizona uses a variety of technologies in his practice.  He will extract teeth only in very particular cases, such as if the patient's face is very full, their lips protrude, there's a lot of crowding with the teeth and if their teeth don't come together.

A lot of facial enhancement surgeries that are in demand right now, such as lip augmentation and cheek implants, can be diminished if orthodontic treatment was established at an early age, says Dr. Saavedra.

At his practice, E & S Orthodontics, treatment phases are shorter now, as the new bracket systems allow for better oral hygiene.  Dr. Saavedra also exclusively uses digital imaging, which allows him to focus on the facial features to design treatment around.  It also allows him to view the images instantaneously and reduced the amount of radiation.

Dr. Will Saavedra is an orthodontist with E & S Orthodontics, with locations in Tolleson, Peoria and Chandler, Arizona.   He is a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV, providing online, on-demand sleep breathing disorder video content.

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