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Treating Children & Adults For Orthodontics, With Dr. Will Saavedra, E & S Orthodontics, Tolleson, Peoria, Chandler, Phoenix, AZ

When adults enter an orthodontist's office, they either have not had treatment recently or had treatment but didn't follow their retainer protocol and now want their smile back.  Adults can also have functional issues due to non-treatment or previous treatment, says Dr. Will Saavedra, orthodontist with E & S Orthodontics in Phoenix, Tolleson, Chandler and Peoria, Arizona. 

Children usually enter an orthodontist's office with a referral from a dentist or if a parent recognizes the need.  With children, it gives orthodontists an opportunity to step in early and do the corrections to avoid certain issues as they get older, says Dr. Saavedra, whose practice's tagline is "We create a smile that you can grow into."

For adults, when it comes to functional issues, there are several issues related to that, including missing teeth or a bite issue.  A lot of their concern is how they're going to look and feel.  At E & S Orthodontics, they offer two modalities to adults.  Invisalign is the most invisible option and the second option is the ceramic Damon brackets, which are able to create much wider smiles and use lighter forces.

Dr. Will Saavedra is an orthodontist with E & S Orthodontics, with locations in Tolleson, Peoria and Chandler, Arizona.   He is a leading sleep expert with Sleep Better TV, providing online, on-demand sleep breathing disorder video content.

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