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Leadership Tools, With Dr. Michael Krahe, Founder ACSDD

The greatest tool a practice leader can leverage is relationships, according to Dr. Michael Krahe, the Founder and President of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines.  If one thinks of the relationship that one has with an employee, the magic happens within that space.  All the magic of motivation and all the power of unleashing human creativity sits in this space and the better that relationship is, the more likely that employee will engage at all different levels and be truly inspired to do all the things that need to happen to get to the future, Dr. Krahe says.

Another valuable tool is the charisma of the leader in inspiring others and getting them excited about the value of their work and setting the vision for people.  Along with charisma, the ability to empower people is important.  Giving people the opportunity to grow and advance and stepping away from micro managing people is very unleashing to people because it lets them know they're trusted, says Dr. Krahe.  

Specificity of the task is another important tool because often times, Dr. Krahe will see practice leaders with great ideas but fail to close the deal.  People need to be directed and know what's expected of them.  Setting expectations is another tool leaders have at their disposal to let people know what you want, when you want it and why you want it.  Setting those expectations up front with people gives them clarity.  Dr. Krahe says this is good in helping leaders set expectations for themselves, as well. Communication is a critical function to lay things out clearly and specifically.  Personal integrity is another tool for leaders to demonstrate the values in his or her behavior because employees watch all the time.

Dr. Michael Krahe, is the Founder of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Discplines in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He spoke with Sleep Better TV, providing online, on-demand, sleep breathing disorder video content.  Sleep Better TV is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.

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