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Practice Consulting Service For ACSDD Members, With Dr. Michael Krahe, CEO of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Discplines

One of the hallmark events that the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines (ACSDD) offers its members is a yearly conference that provides very different information and experiences.  Trying not to repeat the same information over and over again that typical conferences can do, the ACSDD tries to reach out and find other areas important for their practitioners to know, says Dr. Michael Krahe, CEO and Founder of the ACSDD.

During conferences, members can expect to learn about using the internet to leverage their practice, learn about technology issues and telemedicine, all of which are some examples of how the ACSDD expands its offerings to its members.

The ACSDD also provides services that sets itself apart from other academies.  It works with Sleep Better TV, allowing providers to make videos to educate their colleagues, their patients and to spread the word in their geographical area that they are experts in the field of sleep medicine.  The ACSDD also provides credit card processing rates that are "unbelievable through the largest credit card processing company on that planet, First Data" Dr. Krahe says.  First Data has agreed to do a free credit card analysis for any member to show them how they can save thousands of dollars a year in credit card processing fees.

Over the years, Dr. Krahe has developed a proprietary process on how to go into a practice and in two days have that practice totally organized and focused on where it wants to go and how that's going to get accomplished.  This consulting formula that he uses allows him to organize a team, whether small or large and no matter the specialty, and have them execute.  It allows for the practitioner to develop and follow a plan that can be monitored for success and progress.  Dr. Krahe also works with the practice leader to grow and manage the whole process and allows them to work on the business, rather than in the business.  By providing ongoing mentoring and coaching, it allows the leader move to a new level.

In his career, Dr. Krahe has worked with hundreds of consulting firms and in his experience, he's found that consultants generally try to get in the door and attach themselves to the practice without ever leaving.  He found that very troubling and so in creating this practice consulting added value with ACSDD, he made a decision to teach people how to do something, get clarity on what they want, deliver what they want and then get out.  He doesn't want to attach himself to the practitioner and has thus taken a totally different approach on how to work with people to make sure they get the value and what they bargained for.

Dr. Krahe first works with the practice leader to get them prepared for what's to come and to lead the process.  Dr. Krahe is only there to facilitate the process, as he believes it's up to the practice leader to lead the process.

To reach Dr. Krahe, contact him via email at or his cell phone at 814-881-7020.  The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines is a leader in education for practitioners treating sleep disorders and has joined with Sleep Better TV. For more information, visit and .

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