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The Downfalls of Poor Practice Leadership, With Dr. Michael Krahe, Founder, ACSDD

The difference between good leadership and bad leadership is the relationship that exists between the leader and the employees, says Dr. Michael Krahe, the Founder of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines in Scottsdale, Arizona.  

While we all like to think we're great at everything, Dr. Krahe uses an approach to point out people's "blind spots."  A lot of people think they're great leaders but when they ask their employees for feedback on how they see them as leaders, these two often collide.  Dr. Krahe always says "if you want to grow, you've got to know" what people think and how they view your behavior.  This is one of things Dr. Krahe does to help practitioners grow in their leadership skills and then he works with the practitioner to improve their leadership skills.

An stressful working environment, increasingly high level of employee turnover, trouble getting employees to join the organization, confusion about duties and tasks, conflicts among employees, lack of accountability and patient turnover are all downfalls of poor practice leadership, says Dr. Krahe.

If you think you need to improve your leadership skills, please contact Dr. Krahe via email at or his cell phone at 814-881-7020.  The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines is a leader in education for practitioners treating sleep disorders and has joined with Sleep Better TV. For more information, visit and .

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