Sleep Better TV – ACSDD – Value Proposition Part 2

Michael Krahe, PhD, Executive Director and Founder of the ACSDD (Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines) speaks about the academy’s philosophy as being a member-driven service. His goal is to be as close to the member as possible and to that end, be available directly. The ACSDD website, now has blog capability and approaches a global view for its members.

Michael Krahe believes in open discussion, as this encourages different viewpoints and thus, growth of knowledge. The academy does not play politics or favorites and there are no hidden agendas. It does not endorse products or persons.

The ACSDD is a value-driven academy that is focused on member service.

The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines is a leader in education for practitioners treating sleep disorders and has joined with Sleep Better TV. For more information, visit and .

Michael Krahe, PhD, is the Executive Director and Founder of the ACSDD and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Michael can be reached at


SleepBetter TV Web Launch Featuring ACSDD Executive Director Michael Krahe

The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines is a different kind of academy, one that brings a value-added service to their members that other organizations don’t through a multi-disciplinary approach – bringing the dentist and physician together along with other healthcare professionals in the treatment of sleep disorder breathing. Michael Krahe, Executive Director, founded the ACSDD as a member-focused organization that has partnered with Sequence Media Group in Scottsdale, Arizona to create Sleep Better TV, a video and internet network presence. The ACSDD is encouraging its members to become expert commentators as an opportunity to be available 24/7 through the internet. Through this, there is the potential to grow one’s practice through education and marketing one’s expertise in this field.

By visiting and, you can get more information on the ACSDD and sleep medicine.

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