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The Perfect Start System, Dentist Dr. Ronald Shelley, Glendale, Arizona

Many sleep disordered breathing problems show up in children and can be treated very effective using the Perfect Start system. Dr. Ronald Shelley explains the system in this report.

Dr. Shelley says that, in the 1960s, Dr. Earl O. Bergersen, a Chicago orthodontist, developed a novel way of straightening teeth by using comfortable oral appliances. His breakthrough has proven very effective in creating beautiful smiles in over 3 million cases around the world. The modern version those appliances make up the Perfect Start system.

The Perfect Start system is a natural, non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical, treatment option. It is delivered exclusively by specially-trained dentists such as the dentists in Dr. Shelley’s office. Perfect Start is a series of uniquely designed oral appliances that children wear for a few hours each day and during the night when they sleep.The appliances promote nasal breathing. They straighten teeth, widen the dental arches, and help develop a child’s jaw as nature intended.

The Perfect Start treatment has five main objectives: (1) promote proper nasal breathing and discourage mouth breathing; (2) eliminate certain bad habits such as thumb sucking; (3) widen and develop the dental arches; (4) guide and develop the growth of the mouth and jaws more fully; and (5) gently guide permanent teeth into their proper position.

The end result, says Dr. Shelley, “can be a healthy, happy child with a big, broad, beautiful smile.” And an airway wide enough for a lifetime of healthy breathing.

Dr. Ronald Shelley practices with Arrowhead Lakes Dentistry, Glendale, Arizona. Dr. Shelley received his DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine), with honors, in 1979. In 1994, he relocated to Glendale, Arizona and opened the present office March 1998 and presently shares his time at Arrowhead Lakes Dentistry with teaching the next generation of dentists at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine as adjunct faculty. In 2014 two honors came his way; he became a diplomat of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy and was awarded the Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition from the Academy of General Dentistry. The Legal Broadcast Network is a featured network of the Sequence Media Group.

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